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John Downer Productions - An award-winning media company specialising in wildlife television, feature films and commercials

Content is King

John Downer Productions pioneered many of the spectacular techniques now commonplace in wildlife filmmaking. If you see an eyeball to wingtip shot of a flying bird, a shot from a camera on an animal's back, a simulated animal viewpoint or a moving track around an animal frozen in time, you can be sure JDP created it first.

When designing a website to showcase such stunning photography and film, the key is reduce visual noise and clutter. Content is King. We let the images do the talking, went back to basics and created a new grid framework. Everything hangs of this grid with precision, creating consistency and a familiar rhythm throughout the site. It was all about getting the user straight to the content, with the design of the website almost fading into the background. And that's exactly how it should be.

Client control

This major site update also involved the client more than ever before. We wanted to hand over total editorial control to them. It's their content after all, we are just the middle-men. We used WordPress as the backend, as it's tried and tested and up and running in seconds, with our own bespoke theme and plugins.

As well as complementing their social media strategy, we created a workflow which allowed JDP to harness the power of Flickr and Youtube to manage all of the site's media. Why reinvent the wheel when a solid solution is already available. We created bespoke WordPress plugins which pull in that content to the website, so JDP can now get HD content flowing to the site within a few clicks. Simple.

Thanks for all your help in getting the site up and running. We were really pleased with the site. It looks contemporary, fresh and beautifully designed. It was fantastic working with you guys.

Matt Gordon - John Downer Productions Ltd.