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Kinetic GPS - iPhone application



Kinetic is the Swiss army knife of GPS tracking and timing: configurable, expandable and beautifully designed.
The perfect iPhone app for running, cycling, hiking, walking or simply tracking where you go.


Our role

Everything, really! From the initial creative concept, through to the technical development and marketing, we did the lot. This called for the expertise of all our in-house talents in design, user experience design and programming, plus a few other skills we learned along the way.


Apart from being our own clients, the biggest challenge was creating something that would stand out from existing products in an already crowded market place. We wanted to provide a better experience that people would come back to time and time again. Kinetic had to be functional, expandable and customisable as well as beautiful.


At first glance Kinetic GPS looks disarmingly simple. It's ready to rock straight out of the box. But, dig just a little deeper, and it's perhaps the most customisable app of its kind out there.

To achieve this, a lot of attention was given to the user experience and underlying mechanics in order to create something highly configurable yet easy-to-use. We created building blocks – the modules – so users could more or less build their own individual app. Kinetic's modules provide a range of different functionality with bespoke feedback and information. To do all this we had to take a different approach to the code - we built our own framework which allows us to make additional modules available in the future through app updates as well as in-app purchases.

Kinetic's modular approach, slick design and custom UI sets it apart from other GPS tracking apps and allows us to continue to develop additional functionality and features in response to customer demand. We think our approach is quite unique.


We succeeded in creating an app that is useful, usable and beautiful, and the 5-star ratings, excellent feedback, support and recognition we are getting from our customers is hugely rewarding. Along with some glowing reviews from the media, we also picked up a few notable awards along the way, including the FWA Mobile of the Day, and made it into Apple's list of top-trending apps in 2010 - just a few months after launch.

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