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Prepo - Mac App
iOS app designers little helper

Helps with the tedious task of preparing iOS App icon files & @2x artwork.

The skinny

A simple *free little Mac app

We love designing and making apps just as much as you. We also know that involves some hoop jumping and tedious workflow at times.

Designing your beautiful App icon is the fun part but then you have to export it in numerous flavors. Get it wrong and Xcode will grumble spoiling all your fun. Tweak your icon, and you will do, and you have export them all again. The Retina display is stunning and it's a pleasure to work with high-res artwork but all this @2x goodness means lots of duplication.

A little helper

Enter Prepo. Okay, so it's hardly a drama making icon files and resizing artwork but every little helps.

Just drag & drop the Icon artwork, select the device and hit export. Prepo will spit out all the files you need, it will even prepare the plist ready to paste into Xcode.

Get Prepo

Download Prepo 1 - Free

Requires Mac OS X 10.6 or newer

Thanks guys, keep making awesome apps

Neato! ★★★★★
by Christopher Leah

Not biggest improvement for the workflow but one of the many little ones that speed up the process!

Essential for iOS designers ★★★★★
by onebc

I have to confess, I was a big fan of Unretiner but it broke with Lion and I've since struggled to find a replacement which just sticks to the basic resizing requirements of an iOS designer developer wishing to create compact non-retina versions of @2x retina images. Prepo is the answer. Great job.

nice and neat ★★★★★
by Reza Farhad

Great little app. Thanks. My suggestion would be to have the option of selecting which of the icons you want generated.