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San Miguel. Ruta 0,0 - iPhone App


On the road again

In collaboration Social Noise in Madrid, we developed an iPhone app for San Miguel as part of their responsible driving campaign that, as well as mobile, launched across print, internet, television and radio.

Mothership was responsible for the early creative concept, as well as the design and technical development and execution. This called for the expertise of our in-house talents in design, user experience design and programming.

Points and prizes

The main challenge was to create something useful that would also help change attitudes and reward good drivers. We developed Ruta 0,0 a free mobile app that allows you to connect with your Facebook contacts and let them know where you are on your journey in real time, keeping friends and family informed of your progress

The app also provides useful information for drivers including traffic alerts, fuel consumption, weather and service station locations. An integral part of the app was the ability to reward responsible driving with points that could be redeemed for prizes.